1.Stronger                                                                  View Lyrics
2.I Can't Believe It's Happening To Me Again                  View Lyrics
3.Don't Hold It Back                                                    View Lyrics
4.Don't Hold It Back - Reprise
5.Indian Girl                                                                View Lyrics
6.Enough Is Enough                                                    View Lyrics
7.It All Comes Back To You                                         View Lyrics
8.That's The Only Way She Can Love Someone            View Lyrics

All songs written by Paul Clairs

Recorded at Hometown Studios Gold Coast, Australia: March - October 2013
Engineered & Mixed by John Mcalpine

Paul Clairs: vocals, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars, electric guitars, harmonica
John Mcalpine: keyboards, midi bass, backing vocals
Cvitan Barac: drums
Paul Bonner Jones: backing vocals
Beth Hamilton: backing vocals
Nikki Vujcich: backing vocals

Thanks to John Mcalpine for going above and beyond and spending more time on these songs than the budget allowed - thanks also to my wife Anne and son Alex for their love and patience.

To paraphrase Don Henley - This  record took 43 years to write and 31 minutes to sing!