© Paul Clairs 2013

She soothes her eyes with sleep

And wipes way her tears

She works to earn her keep

And pass away the years

When morning comes it finds her lonely

The sun is warm upon her face

She thinks about her one and only

Eternal love she can't replace

Indian Girl

She looks towards the sky

Another day has passed her

Her life is passing by

And every day is faster

And in her dreams she knows he's coming

But she can't say just when or where

And in the wind she hears the drumming

That lets her know he'll soon be there

Indian Girl

Indian Girl

She'll rise before the dawn

To await his returning

For every year he's gone

She'll leave a fire burning

But she'll grow old and lonely waiting

For he was killed by white man's gun

And through the years she'll wind up hating

The pain of love and the setting sun

Indian Girl

Indian Girl

Indian Girl