© Paul Clairs 2012 (April 11 to be exact)

verse 1

man she's pretty…of that there aint any doubt

she's got the body of an angel and a movie star is taking her out

man she's hungry…she wants red carpet unfurled

she wants the money and the magic and to be the biggest star in the world

she wants her face in all the papers…got her eye on the prize

she wants the paparazzi chasing while she wears a disguise

she wants the diamonds and the limo's and a house on the beach…that's her aim

she's got the walk of fame

she's got the walk of fame

verse 2

man he's lonely…he used to love her one time

they once were high school sweethearts when neither of them kids had a dime

now he calls her…but she won't come to the phone

she's got those people all around her telling him he'd better leave her alone

so he buys himself a ticket and he goes to her show

he tries to capture her attention from the very front row

she's got a hundred thousand lovers…they're all screaming her name…what a shame

she's got the walk of fame

she's got the walk of fame

middle 8

now her momma's on the talk shows…cryin' out for her child

all this money, fame and fortune's gone and made the kid wild

you best be careful what wish for 'cause you just might get it

the walk of fame will eat away at your soul if you let it…if you let it

verse 3

now she's lonely…her records no longer sell

she's playing empty dives in vegas…spending money on a sleazy motel

so she calls him…but he won't come to the phone

he wrote a book about their love affair and now he's doing tours of his own

she hops a bus to new york city…just to tell him he's wrong

he's signing copies for his fans who can't remember her song

he was the only man who loved her…so it said in his book…that's his claim

he's got the walk of fame

he's got the walk of fame